The fight for freedom is waged within 6 inches. Not in some other country, not with the people in your society that are different from you or have different ideas. There is a war taking place within your own mind. Your power to think is under siege. If you are not using your mind, someone else is using it for you.

The average human brain is 6 inches long. That is the battlefront. We are told we have physical freedom as long as we are willing to fight for it . . . wage war on other countries or on our neighbor. Physical freedom isn’t the problem. Our mental freedom is what is systematically compromised. Every time you turn on the TV, go shopping, interact with certain aspects of society, some element outside of you is trying to influence or control your mind. Until you realize that is the battleground, you will never truly be free.

When you have a thought arise in your mind, ask yourself from where did that thought originate. Did it truly come from within or is it shaped or conditioned by some external element? How many truly original thoughts do you have in a day? Learn to fully use the power of your mind and then you will get a taste of what true freedom is.

Pandit Jerome