Performing Actions

The wise ones tell us that we should perform our actions selflessly . . . but what does that really mean?

First, we must discover the source of our urges and desires to act. Are they driven by selfish motives or by a higher inspiration? Many times we doubt our urges to take action even if they are not inspired by selfish motives. We sometimes get caught up in worrying about the potential results of our actions, and because of the fear of the results may be not being favorable or our actions not being received well by others, we fail to act at all.

The first step to performing selfless action is to not be afraid or attached to the fruits of our actions. To act purely for the sake of action and follow our inner inspiration. To not let any negativity or doubt sabotage our inspiration. Often times we confer with others to get approval before we act, but that can also lead to self-doubt if we do not get the approval we are seeking. Others do not always understand our inspiration or may give feedback based on their own bias and experiences.

It is important for us to trust those inner inspirations and know that the source is our higher self. To perform those actions without worrying about the potential results or attachment to the outcome. In this way, we create the habit of doing selfless actions which eventually lead us to inner strength and freedom from the binding force of our actions called Karma.