Meeting Jerome has been a blessing. After starting the mentorship with him, my meditation, yoga practice and life have been supercharged. I have always been curious and bumped around between different teachers and practicing yoga but mainly for it’s health benefits then for quieting the mind. Overall though, I found myself annoyed with the spiritual scene and felt scattered in too many different directions. After meeting Jerome and beginning to study with his teachings that come from the Himalayan Institute, I’ve learned that there is a very practical, methodical way to going about meditating and how imperative yoga is to that process. Things began clicking at a faster rate and I took up a practice of daily meditation almost seamlessly. My confidence has since skyrocketed in the short amount of time working with him and I feel a joy and clearness for my life that had honestly been missing. He has a way of going about teaching that never feels forced but is always what you needed to hear for further development. It’s crazy how effortless and approachable he makes it seem, however I believe that only comes after reaching a certain level of masterhood. It has also been a great relief working with him when dealing with addiction to alcohol, as he never seems to judge or play the nagging doctor, just helps to find the root cause of these addictions. Suddenly alcohol doesn’t seem to have such a strong hold on me the further into the practice I go. I know now that meditation is a vehicle to realizing your true nature and that it can improve all aspects of your life when done well. If you want to learn to use the force, go to Jerome!

Chelsey Curtain

Jerome’s meditation knowledge and insights have been invaluable in assisting me in enhancing my daily meditation practice. There are gifts here for beginner through advanced meditators.

Michael Link

I had the opportunity to work with Jerome during my Wellness Retreat at Om Sanctuary and he has been a true life changer for me. I have tried meditation off and on for several years but he explained things in such a way that I see it as a whole new way of life now. I am so grateful for him and look forward to working with again in the near future.

Charlotte Barbagallo


Most of us have moments where our thinking becomes small and we act out of fear. In medicine, we call this anxiety. What we need in those moments is not necessarily medications (or other self-soothing gimmicks like alcohol, food or cigarettes). What we need is a voice reminding us of our greater capacity. Jerome is that voice. In his gentle but crystal clear manner, he blows the doors open on the story we tell ourselves. He has the ability, even with a single comment, to bring you to higher ground, where you can see your folly and your potential. He is a great ally in your personal growth. I know this, because he has been mine . . .

Karen Koffler, M.D.


I had the pleasure of meeting Pandit Jerome many years ago at a meditation class he was facilitating in Asheville, and the great experience I had under his teaching led me to participating in one of his meditation retreats at the Retreat at Miller Cove location in Black Mountain, NC. Throughout the entire retreat, Jerome was very accessible as a teacher and provided a wealth of knowledge not only about his personal practice but about how I could best apply certain practices to my own daily life in a manner that might suite my style and schedule best. Jerome provided a laid back and comfortable environment for me to learn but it was clear he is a master in his teachings in his own right and an endless source of spiritual inspiration and knowledge. The beautiful and comfortable cabin accommodations in the middle of the gorgeous mountain landscape was certainly a perk and a great place for anyone seeking to get away and have a place of comfort and solitude while having access to an amazing teacher for spiritual guidance, meditation practice, or simply to learn from a highly qualified source of wisdom that comes from Pandit Jerome’s teachings under the Himalayan Tradition. I highly recommend the retreat to anyone looking for quiet getaway with a spiritual focus along with the access to an outstanding personal and spiritual mentor. There was plenty of time for hiking, yoga, guided meditations, and learning opportunities with Pandit Jerome personally where he was able to share his experience with his practice, while providing a safe and comfortable space to engage in conversations about my own spiritual practice and, being new to many of the practices myself, gave me the opportunity to ask questions and engage in an ongoing dialogue with him where I learned just as much about the practice as I did about myself. Having access to an amazing and highly qualified teacher in the backdrop of the beautiful Black Mountain landscape is truly something that creates an unprecedented spiritual retreat! Thank you Pandit Jerome for providing this exceptional experience and I look forward to participating in another one of your retreats very soon!

Keely Beck


Jerome is a great teacher, and his presentation was very helpful to me. It was all new information to me, and Jerome made it very understandable.

Regina Thomasson


Jerome is a unique, wonderful person. He loves to help support people in a very kind, open-hearted and non-judgmental way. He adds a wonderful light element of humor, so not to take ourselves or life too seriously. Yet he offers just the right thought provoking question that allows a person to go deep within themselves to seek the answers they’re looking for. I feel very blessed to know Jermone and appreciate his wisdom and light-heartedness in my life.

Courtney C.


Have you ever wished for someone who can help you look at yourself with the kindness and tenderness that you save for your loved ones? Someone who can remind you that every challenge in this life can serve as an opportunity for self-realization? Jerome does this so seemlessly that you don’t even realize it has happened during an enjoyable conversation. It makes you smile later when you realize what he has done for you.



Jerome has been a great teacher to me for over three years. First he was my teacher when I lived in Asheville, but since moving, he has remained my teacher via telephone. He is a great instructor that has much spiritual knowledge and grounding in reality. It has been a joy to work with him these past few years.

Ben Nemeth


I cannot put in words what an enormous impact Jerome has had on my spiritual growth. For years I have wanted a solid meditation practice and with Jerome’s help my daily meditation is a solid part of my routine. He has an amazing ability to meet you right where you are and to know the right thing to say to help connect you with your inner wisdom.



I’ve known Jerome since shortly after I moved to Asheville in 2008 but didn’t get serious about meditation (yoga) till after a 2nd overnight hospital stay with heart attack symptoms and HBP. The first time was diagnosed with autonomic nervous system imbalance. Since the 2nd have been on a very low dose of BP meds. but didn’t really notice a change in the #’s or the anxiety till I started meditation. Jerome’s teaching has helped me so much. He is an exceptional teacher and human being. I feel blessed to know him and call him friend. I continue to use his relaxation CD and meditate daily.



Thank you for hosting Pandit Jerome. His energy is divine and the gifts he gave me were exactly what I needed. He is truly is a vessel of the Tradition.

Chrysa Beck


Even though Jerome is miles away from Chicago, I know that my mantra connects me to his spiritual energy, which connects me also to the sages of the Himalayan Tradition. I can think of no greater gift! Thank you, Jerome.

Joan Anundson Ahr


Jerome is a true Master and Heart Teacher. Not only did he teach me the mystery of the Himalayan Tradition, he also helped my heart open to unconditional love. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yoga teacher, I would highly recommend Jerome to you.

Marie Levit


I enjoy the class; Jerome is a good teacher of the practice
of breathing and meditation.
I appreciate his class.



I attend Jerome’s weekly meditation class at Greenlife Community Center. It is nice to sit in a group and separate myself from my busy surroundings. This class is a great reminder to come back to your breath and how deeply affected we are by our breath. I also was lucky enough to attend a more involved class this past fall where we discussed the history and different paths of yoga. Jerome taught us breathing techniques, the chakra system, effects of diet, and opened my mind to acceptance of such. Jerome’s ease makes learning a breeze.



I’ve been attending Jerome’s weekly meditation group for over a year now – and the benefits have been tremendous. In addition to enjoying the great energy of the group, I’ve found that the meditation and breathing techniques (and mindset) I’ve learned have really helped me in other areas of my life. That was quite a pleasant surprise! I’ve also attended Jerome’s more intensive meditation class series, which opened my mind to new ways of thinking, and strengthened my meditation practice as well. I feel like Jerome’s patient, laid-back teaching methods have been a perfect fit for me.

Lisa T.


I have taken many meditation classes with Jerome since 2003. He has many stories to share about the Himalayan tradition and of his own personal experiences with Swami Rama. Jerome has so many gifts to offer through his classes and spiritual consults. I am truly blessed to have the guidance of a wonderful and compassionate teacher on my spiritual path.

Margaret Plouff


Attending Jerome’s class has been a wonderful experience! His teachings have inspired me to look into my own life, and for that I have so much gratitude to give. I look forward to seeing where my journey takes me from here, but one thing I know for sure is, mediation will forever be a major part of my life. Thank you so much Jerome!

Melissa Dobbins


I especially appreciate what a great teacher Pandit Jerome is. The meditation and discussion groups I’ve been privileged to participate in have helped me find ease in my life. One of the greatest lessons I have learned is that when I feel caught somewhere between the human condition and the human experience, clarity may be just a breath away! It is so rare to find someone who really “knows” about life and shares his knowledge with joy!



It is not too often that one’s path crosses that of a truly interesting individual. Such an individual in my life experience is Pundit Jerome Smith. I was very fortunate to meet Jerome several years ago at the Himalayan International Institute of Yoga Science & Philosophy of the USA (Glenview Branch). My fist impression of him was positive. After speaking with him a few times, I discovered that when asked the right questions, there was much to learn from this man. When I found out that he was personally trained by, non other than, Swami Rama of the Himalayas, I knew why. After you know Jerome for a while you’ll come to understand that he is completely dedicated to Yoga Philosophy, especially the art of meditation. I particularly like Jerome because he is a soft-spoken individual who does not impose his beliefs on anyone. Only when asked will he impart his vast knowledge

Al Anile


In the past almost ten years I have attended many of Jerome’s classes and lectures and can attest to his direct and honest style. He is one of the most humble people I have met and among the best spiritual teachers. He is always very present and mindful – giving us a glimpse of what is really possible. He has a passion for his work but his suggestions are very practical. Practicing the techniques has greatly helped my physical and mental health over the years.



I recently attended the 4 hour introduction to breathing techniques and mediation, and wish to pass on my thanks to Jerome for his patient and thoughtful instruction. As a CEO I have a stressful job, and even though I run regularly, I still find that my blood pressure is usually 130/90 (140/95 on a bad day). Imagine then my pleasant surprise when after attending the first session, I found that my blood pressure was 102/73. Regards, Barry

Barry Fowell


Jerome is Simply Amazing! I took my first meditation class with him in 2000 and consider him to be my spiritual teacher and dear friend. I took a few more meditation classes with him in 2003 and 2004 and went to many insightful Satsangs led by him as well. He has a special way of explaining things while always maintaining a calm and joyful demeanor. He is a wealth of knowledge concerning all things practical and spiritual. I truly think that he lives like the lotus flower, the ultimate symbol of yoga, in that he lives in the world and remains above it at the same time. In other words, he is able to offer his service and guidance to the world, yet still keep a higher perspective and inner peace. He is a direct link and a modern day mirror for all the sages that have come before him in the lineage of the beautiful Himalayan tradition.



I participated in Jerome Smith’s Introduction to Meditation Class at Yoga State. Jerome’s teaching style is engaging and illuminating. In a relaxed and digestable way, he conveyed information about the autonomic nervous system, the 5 elements of effective breathing,a body scan relaxation and more. The class involved an experiential component that was helpful for learning technique. Jerome provides the tools, as well as the wisdom that meditation is a process and a path, not a destination.

Arin Stone


I’ve been fortunate enough to have taken numerous classes from Jerome over the past five years. The classes include Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Ayurvedic Diet, and the practical application of The Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Sutras. Jerome also initiated me into the Himalayan Tradition and encouraged me to pursue the Yoga Teachers Training Program (which I’ve done). Jerome is friendly, patient, thorough and has a great sense of humor. He is dedicated, practical and systematic in his transmission of the Himalayan Institute’s teachings. Jerome is accessible to the student and happy to help.

Larry Michalski


Learning meditation is essential to the practice of yoga and for managing stress in everyday living. I do not know of a better, more qualified instructor on the subject matter. Meditation for Inner Peace is truly the best training around!



Jerome is so natural in his teaching that it is like a bunch of like-minded people sitting around and talking about spriritual topics. A very refreshing afternoon. I enjoyed it.



Jerome is extremely knowledgable and a gifted teacher. He is uniquely accepting and non-judgmental. I have taken 3 meditation classes over the past 2 years or so, and I have learned so much as a consequence — about reducing stress by controlling scattered thoughts. I highly recommend learning meditation from Jerome.

Ronna Zack


Just took a Meditation class with Jerome and it was unusually informative and useful. It was refreshing not to hear the usual hype and gimmicks. Jerome was not about ego, but about the teachings of an ancient tradition that is based on scientific fact and that really works. I strongly recommend Jerome’s classes, regardless of whether you have a spiritual orientation or are a skeptic. Jerome will not try to make a believer out of you, but rather to give you some tools to help you be more relaxed and in control of your life.

Earon Davis


One of the biggest strengths of Jerome is his ability to teach practical spirituality. Deep and insightful, yet light and not intimidating, he demystifies meditation and teaches how to apply the knowledge not in abstract, but in real life. His teachings are non-denominational and non-religious. Jerome guides his students to deepen their understanding of self and how to rely on this understanding to navigate through life’s challenges. He is one of the most inspiring teachers I met!



I’ve been fortunate to have studied with Jerome since 2001. I came to him for private hatha yoga lessons and found a true spiritual teacher. I quickly took on his meditation classes, joined him in satsang and continue to to enjoy his stories and lessons from his experiences as a student under Swami Rama. As a yoga teacher myself I have met an array of teachers, but none have been able to express the spiritual teachings in the lighthearted and fun way that Jerome has. He is a wonderful voice of the Himalayan Tradition.



I first took a meditation class from Jerome in 2003. I came to learn stress reduction tools. I learned imperative correct breathing techniques that helped me calm my nervous system. Only then can one sit to meditate. Learning how the mind works has allowed me to let go of thoughts and sit to meditate, which ultimately has reduced stress in my life and has really changed how I handle each day. Jerome’s casual and gentle style made this class invaluable.