Meditation Retreats

A personalized retreat is a great way to start, deepen or renew your spiritual practice. Retreats are designed for 1-6 people. Retreats are at the pinnacle of our mission, and we are dedicated to supporting the enrichment of the aspirants who retreat with us. We offer personalized spiritual mentorship, support with designing your ideal meditation retreat and a few retreat space options.

Retreat options:

Option 1: There is a location in Black Mountain called the Light Center. We can rent their retreat lodge and room rates are very reasonable. Beautiful Spiral Mountain in Leicester is another retreat location.

Option 2: Have your own retreat location? Schedule mentoring sessions while you are on your own retreat. We can connect via Skype or Zoom as often as you would like while you are on your own personal retreat from whatever location.

Please contact us to set up your personal spiritual retreat!