What is Spiritual Mentoring

A spiritual mentor is one who through study and practice has gained an understanding of the application of spiritual concepts and methods that may be helpful to those who are seeking inner peace and greater awareness. A spiritual mentor is not a counselor or therapist but can provide a safe space for resolving personal issues and promoting spiritual growth. The main goal of a spiritual mentor is to help the seeker connect with their own inner truth and wisdom, and to be able to see more clearly and navigate life’s circumstances. A spiritual mentor may suggest particular spiritual techniques and practices, or just listen and ask questions which may help the seeker discover their own inner wisdom.

Pandit Jerome is a teacher in the lineage of the Himalayan Tradition and in this capacity, he is available to guide students and to teach the knowledge and practices of the tradition. As a spiritual mentor, he is available to those who are seeking spiritual guidance and who resonate with the spiritual teachings. It is not necessary to be a part of any tradition to benefit from spiritual mentoring.