Becoming Fully Human

Becoming Fully Human

My teacher would always say that we should strive to be fully human. He would say don’t worry about becoming enlightened, just become fully human.

Pure consciousness is our true nature, so in reality, we do not need to strive to be spiritual. We already are the “spirit”. Becoming fully human allows us to realize our true spiritual nature. When we over-identify with the human qualities of mind, body, and emotions, we forget our true nature. That is the only obstacle.

Spiritual practice and meditation are not for the purpose of becoming more spiritual, it is for the purpose of removing the obstacle of false identification. The more we experience our true nature through spiritual practice, the more our identity starts to shift. Even though we have a human experience we slowly start to realize that we are not confined or limited by that experience. That expansion of humanity leads to the realization of our true self. At this stage of practice, our humanity becomes a means, not an obstacle.

The Yogis say that a spiritual practice is only useful if it is in some way leading us to the experience of the higher self. That is why the practices of the Himalayan Tradition are practical and systematic. They progressively lead to higher experience. A teacher is there to help guide one towards the practical application of spiritual practice according to the individual needs of the aspirant.

My teacher would often guide students to get married, go back to school, or simply go out into the world and get a job. Sometimes the best spiritual practice is fully engaging in the world, performing one’s duties, and expanding our human qualities and capacities.

Pandit Jerome