The Quiet Mind – Meditation Series

The art and science of meditation has been practiced for centuries by spiritual seekers. In our modern society we have a unique environment in which to navigate. Our minds are conditioned to handle large and consistent amounts of information and stimulation. The question becomes how do we still our minds in order to experience the inner peace and connection gained through meditation?

In this 4 week series, we will discuss and practice the tools needed to prepare the mind for meditation. We will draw upon the science of Yoga to learn how to systematically tread the path of meditation. Quieting the mind is not only needed to practice meditation, it is also an asset to efficiently and skillfully navigate the challenges of life. Meditation has both practical and spiritual benefits.

Some of the specific tools we will learn are:
– How to balance the nervous system and minimize stress through cultivating various breathing practices.
– Training the mind to focus and be still.
– Effectively work with the subconscious mind.
– The practical application of Yoga philosophy.
– Methods to help the meditation process.